Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Status Update

A quick design / status update: Aug-21-2013

1. Turrets: We have plasma (straight-line ball of plasma) turrets and (lock-on) missile turrets working. Moving and tracking the target, which has given me even more ideas....

2.  ROS (Reactive Organic Ships) - this race of organic beings (they ARE their ships) will transform their appearance (from GREEN (friendly) to RED (threatened)) depending on their mood.

I'll try and get a Unity Web app posted so you can see what I mean.

A million ideas riffle through my head while I hone and improve my C# and Unity 3D skills. I had to work through several problems while working on the turret systems since nearly all of the tutorials and forum posts were written in (yuk) javascript... :-p

Note: I have also had to abandon my (very nice) Apple magic mouse in favor of a (shivers) MS Home (USB) 3-button mouse which is absolutely a must (3-button) while using ANY 3D application, including Unity.