Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Good god, finally!

Okay, finally done with updating our iOS apps/games so NOW we can finally focus on Unity 5 and development.

<shakes head> frickin' April already :(

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What IS Skyport Alpha?


Skyport Alpha (SA) is a space sim game featuring both single and (limited) co-op multiplayer game play, that sadly I have been designing and working for more than a year. The game is being designed and developed from the ground (or space) up as a co-op multiplayer. SA is not another EVE® clone nor is it just another space shooter.

Game Mechanics:

  • Player death <- we are still working on this and frankly we've gone from a simple "re-spawn at last space station(save point)" to "permanent death, ship and contents and pilot; gone forever". The point is; we want it to be fun and enjoyable HOWEVER, every decision you make must affect you and the 'verse around you.

Game Play:

  • Trading (of course) - of goods, passengers and other cargo.
  • Exploration - explore unknown regions of the universe.
  • Mercenary - hunt down raiders.

Nearly all will be driven by an organic contracts system, that will be influenced by your interactions in the galaxy.

Multiplayer Features:

  • Mission based, 2 to "x" (4-8 most likely) player (short) sessions.
  • Open world, 2 to "x" (4-8 most likely) player defined sessions.

I say limited because SA is NOT an MMO or at least not my definition of an MMO.

As you've read the other posts we are using Unity 3D has our engine, focusing primarily on Unity 5. While I do hope to get some (tech-preview) web builds released, SA will not be a browser based game.

Game pricing: (yet to be determined)

  • Monthly fee for online multiplayer (small amount)(1)

(1) Small fee to offset monthly user fees - if you don't want to play/access the multiplayer features then you don't pay.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Still going... strong?

Actually, the recent Unity beta's (both 4.6 and 5.0) have re-energized my development process. That new UI "stuff" is great! I just never felt comfortable with any of the old options (NGUI, dfGUI and OnGUI).

I'll be posting a lot more (refined) game design ideas and concepts over the next few days.

Stay tuned...

Friday, May 30, 2014

New Seven-Eleven Space Sim??

So... it seems everyone (including the "slurpee-jerk" down at the 7-11) is making a Space sim AND making more progress than I am!


I really just have to get something coded up and then move forward... seems I'm in a perpetual-design state... meaning I'm not getting anything done! :(

In the mean time; check out Astrox on Kongregate - he's basically got everything I want Skyport Alpha to be except the multi-player.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sooner rather than later...

Couldn't pass up the pre-purchase offer for Unity 3D 5. With that, not only do we get Unity 5 once released but we also get Unity 4.x Pro, plus the next couple of 4.x (4.5 and 4.6) releases.

Ready or not... here we come!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

ScriptableObjects - you shiny cute thing!

Given my ultra-lack of experience with Unity (and C#) I spent a couple days researching and working on ScriptableObjects. There are useful pages on the Unity site along with some excellent blog posts and found a great YouTube video.

Working example:
I got my "factions" example up and working and can easily create new factions and alter the existing ones via the editor. (As seen in this video).

...and then it hit me!


Sadly it wasn't until I actually got my example to update an existing faction that it hit me. All scriptableobjects are stored in the READONLY bundle. FFS!, what an idgett!

EDIT: They are of course still very useful in reducing memory as described HERE.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Universe Creator - close to pre-alpha status

The Universe creator is coming along nicely. Just resolved the faction sub-division problem by using what I called a "FactionMatrix" prefab. This guy has "sub cubes" layer out in random patterns that use OnTriggerEnter to report a newly created "sphere" (system) so that I can set the systems ("sphere's") faction properly.

This gets into the fundamentals of the design; as to how many factions and their layout based on the universe "seed" number. Given that every galaxy will have two additional factions:

  1. None
  2. Unknown
If the GC (Galaxy Creator) aka player chooses to use three factions, the galaxy will actually contain five total.

Creating and debugging the faction alignment process was fun and had me stumped for a bit but the solution is rather light-weight and fast. Especially since it only has to be run on the creation of each new universe.

Oh and StartCoroutine() and yield are my new best friends... :-)