Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What IS Skyport Alpha?


Skyport Alpha (SA) is a space sim game featuring both single and (limited) co-op multiplayer game play, that sadly I have been designing and working for more than a year. The game is being designed and developed from the ground (or space) up as a co-op multiplayer. SA is not another EVE® clone nor is it just another space shooter.

Game Mechanics:

  • Player death <- we are still working on this and frankly we've gone from a simple "re-spawn at last space station(save point)" to "permanent death, ship and contents and pilot; gone forever". The point is; we want it to be fun and enjoyable HOWEVER, every decision you make must affect you and the 'verse around you.

Game Play:

  • Trading (of course) - of goods, passengers and other cargo.
  • Exploration - explore unknown regions of the universe.
  • Mercenary - hunt down raiders.

Nearly all will be driven by an organic contracts system, that will be influenced by your interactions in the galaxy.

Multiplayer Features:

  • Mission based, 2 to "x" (4-8 most likely) player (short) sessions.
  • Open world, 2 to "x" (4-8 most likely) player defined sessions.

I say limited because SA is NOT an MMO or at least not my definition of an MMO.

As you've read the other posts we are using Unity 3D has our engine, focusing primarily on Unity 5. While I do hope to get some (tech-preview) web builds released, SA will not be a browser based game.

Game pricing: (yet to be determined)

  • Monthly fee for online multiplayer (small amount)(1)

(1) Small fee to offset monthly user fees - if you don't want to play/access the multiplayer features then you don't pay.

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